Home Seller Tips

7 Tips Before Your Sell Your Home

  1. Hire a REALTOR®
    1. Find an experienced REALTOR® who can demonstrate their skills at listing a house. This will appear in their marketing materials, photos, and ability to find the right price range to help you sell your home in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. Learn the Market
    1. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? Knowing and understanding the current market and being priced appropriately will help expedite a sale.
  3. Avoid Over Pricing Your Home
    1. With your REALTOR®’s help, a suggested list price for your home will be determined. Pricing the home accordingly and realistically will help expedite the sale process. Gradual price drops signal to house hunters that more decreases are to come. If your home sits on the market long enough, prospective buyers will wonder what’s wrong with it. Most homes that start overpriced sell at a price lower than a home priced appropriately.
  4. Make Any Major Repairs and Consider Some Small Repairs
    1. Pay particular attention to roof and air conditioning issues, as buyers tend to shy from expensive repairs. Completing repairs as your budget allows will pay off when potential buyers are not put off by the amount of time or money they would need to bring the home up to speed. Replacing old window treatments or appliances and fixtures will make your home look better for showings and marketing photos.
  5. Change the Light Bulbs and Set the State
    1. Lighting can be an important factor when attracting homebuyers. Also, your REALTOR® can provide some valuable insights into how to organize your furniture to maximize room layouts and great stronger appeal.
  6. First Impression Starts at the Curb
    1. Neatly trimmed bushes, fresh mulch and a colorful pot of flowers can work wonders on a buyer’s first impression. Repainting the front door or pressure washing the driveway and sidewalks are also simple tasks that provide eye-catching results.
    2. Talk to your neighbors because they are part of the curb appeal, too! You want your neighbors to be aware that there will be open houses. Unhappy neighbors who look unfriendly can affect a buyer’s decision.
  7. De-clutter, De-personalize and Deodorize
    1. Put away books, toys, video games, and more. The more crowded a house is, the smaller it appears. Pack away those personalize pictures and mementos. Removing these items help buyers imagine themselves in the home. To also help make buyers feel at home, the home should smell fresh and clean, but not perfumed or like pets, cigarette smoke or old furniture.