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What's Involved in Showing Your Property

  • Coordinating Appointments

  • Realtors will call you to request an appointment to show, or preview your property. You may wish to be reached at work, on a cellular phone or via answering machine.
  • Appointment Time Frame

  • A request for an appointment could be immediate (as soon as a few minutes), or as distant as next week. The time frame requested is generally over the period of an hour or two. Realtors attempt to be punctual, however circumstances may cause them to be earlier or later than expected. In the event it is necessary for an associate to cancel his/her appointment, you will be notified as soon as possible.
  • The Appointment

  • All Realtors will identify themselves and leave their business card. If you are not present during the appointment, the Realtor will gain access by using the lock box on the property.
  • Special Instructions

  • Your Realtor will see that any special instructions you have communicated are noted in your property records. Appropriate information (pets, security, etc.) will be provided to the requesting sales associate.
  • Previewing Properties

  • les associates who preview your property, without a prospective buyer along, are simply educating themselves on current properties on the market or are attempting to match the needs of a client.
  • If You Cannot Be Reached

  • If every attempt to reach you has been made, the Realtor will schedule the showing. Unless specifically instructed, it is presumed that you do not want to miss any opportunity to show your property to interested parties. Therefore, the Realtor will leave a message on your answering machine as to the time of the appointment.
    Please inform your Realtor of any extended period of time when you will not be available to give permission for appointments. If possible, you should provide your associate with a number where you can be reached in the event an offer needs to be presented.
  • The Showing

  • Whenever a Realtor shows your property to prospective buyers, plan to not be home. Buyers often feel uncomfortable in the presence of the owner-a factor which often contributes toward an unsuccessful showing.
  • Unexpected Requests

  • If anyone stops by without an appointment to see your property, ask them to call your Realtor to set up an appointment. Even an individual identifying themselves as a sales associate needs to call ahead.

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